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Welcome to KaizenSEO; the only elite search engine optimisation company in Australia willing to showcase results in advance of you paying a cent, with a free trial SEO offer.

Offering a free trial of SEO is about as crazy as it gets in the eyes of the other SEO companies.

It is fair to say that we have certainly ruffled some feathers with this deal!

Why offer a free trial?

Quite simply, we are 100% certain that we will deliver a better return on your investment than any other Australian SEO company.

Of course, all SEO companies say that they are the best and you should expect some full-on pitches if you shop around a little.

With us, our pitch is simple…

Don’t take our word for it and blindly pay us before we show you SEO results… Instead, book in a free SEO trial and we will send you targeted traffic prior to you paying a cent

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Why we are 100% certain that we will out-perform each of our competitors


Our SEO team is lead by SEO veteran, Hayden Miyamoto. Hayden brings over a decade of SEO experience and a track record of completely mastering Google time after time for clients, and importantly, in working on his own internet properties.

Practicing what we preach

We use the exact same cutting edge SEO tactics that separate us from the field on our own personal web properties. We test all our newest strategies on our own web properties before rolling them out to clients. We truly do practice what we preach.

The big little guys

We have a team of five owners of the business, with a combined 30 years of SEO experience who each bring unique and valuable skills to each client project.

You will be liaising with owners of the company direct; owners who carry out the bulk of the SEO work at KaizenSEO.

Continual improvement

Our name says it all; Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and efficiency. SEO is a constantly changing industry and we live and breathe the philosophy of continual improvement.


Our free trial SEO deal is symbolic of the way we do business; we will show you our results before you pay us a cent.

Most SEO companies hide behind the age-old line of “SEO being a 6-12 month process”. This buys them time, provides a safety net for them and ultimately results in unaccountable SEO practices.

With us, you can expect forthright disclosure and absolute transparency right from the get go.

We will tell you exactly what to expect, what work we have carried out and what we have achieved, every step of the way.

It doesn’t get any more upfront than not taking a cent from you until we have delivered an outcome with our free trial SEO deal.

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